Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Traction Engines were used for a great variety of jobs. We are most familiar with this machine’s use at the farming level, but here we have a Traction engine shifting an early B.N.Z. building around the Square in Palmerston North, circa July or August, 1901. The building was first situated on the western corner of the Square and Fitzherbert Street (now known as Fitzherbert Avenue) in approximately 1877. Eventually the Building was sold to a Mr Richard Leary, a chemist who had the building moved to a site in Church Street. There it was converted into a private residence. After several changes of ownership, it was later sold to the Palmerston North Commercial Travellers and Warehousemen’s Association in 1944. The house was converted into the Association’s headquarters and served this purpose until its demolition in 1972. The photograph itself was taken by someone standing near the Manawatu Evening Standard's present location, looking eastward towards Fitzherbert Avenue. Back in those times the clock tower was on the Occidental Hotel situated on the eastern corner of the Square and Fitzherbert Avenue.

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