Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Early Tokomaru

And off they go.....

Tokomaru is a small town in the district of Horowhenua, in the southwestern North Island of New Zealand. It is located 18 kilometres southwest of Palmerston North, and a similar distance northeast of Shannon.

Tokomaru is best known for the Tokomaru Steam Engine Museum, a collection of antique steam engine machinery, much of it still operational and run on certain days. Highlights include a 1904 Fowler traction engine, an 1897 Aveling & Porter portable engine and a huge 335 hp Filer & Stowell stationary engine-compressor ex the Imlay Freezing Works, Wanganui.

Facilities in Tokomaru include a school that serves both the Primary and Intermediate Level schooling for the area. Also the town has a locally run combined dairy/post office. This combination is due to the closure of the dedicated post office building in the main township of Tokomaru.

On the outskirts of Tokomaru is Stevensons Structural Engineering, and employs a large number of Tokomaru residents.

Because of its easy proximity to the city, Tokomaru is fast becoming a satellite suburb of Palmerston North with the establishment of many life style blocks in the area and the construction of new housing within the town boundaries

Tokomaru Domain is also home to A Bowmens Gathering, a re-enactment group whose focus is that of Archery, predominantly the longbow. Shooting at the Tokomaru Domain around four times a year, the group is composed of archers and re-enactors from all over the North Island of New Zealand from Auckland to Wellington.

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