Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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The models corner of the Museum is always a favourite place for young and old visitors alike. Museum founder Colin Stevenson is here depicted demonstrating the wide variety of miniature train and steam models we have on display. A good many are run on compressed air and are true scale working model steam engines. One may well ask “Why do we run them on air?” Quite simply it means we can quickly demonstrate an engine because the pressure builds up in a fast two-to-three minutes. Interestingly, the models still make the same sound as if they were on steam. The majority of models on show were made by the late Phil Rhodes of Rata. These were initially on loan to the Museum for many years but have since been purchased outright. As a showcase example, the model saw mill is a good representation of what was required of a steam engine. In addition, the small locomotives can also be run but we prefer operating just the full-sized, outdoor versions. Since model making is still popular today, we are never short of people keen to see our models in action.

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